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Helpful Links

a few helpful links

we hope the following links will be of some help and or inspiration for your Chapter


Links to inspiration or suggestions:

Sample KSA Petition | Application for Membership (use for inspiration) links:

research the Chapter websites as a source of Application Formats (sorry no direct links): Panama City, FL, Denver, CO,  Augusta, GA, Kansas City, MO, Raleigh, NC,  Guthrie, OK, Wilmington, NC, Alexandria, VA, Richmond, VA, Ocala, FL, Des Moines, IA, Minneapolis, MN, St Joseph, MO, New Bern, NC
Sample By-Laws created by other Chapters (use for inspiration)


Samples Constitutions (use for inspiration):

research these Chapter websites as a source for by-laws or constitution samples:
Colorado Springs, CO,  Raleigh, NC, Guthrie, OK, Corpus Christi, TX, Cheyenne, WY, Sheridan, WY



Links to Suppliers of Glengarry Caps and more

we do not endorse these vendors however, many others have found them helpful


2018 Knights of St. Andrew Gathering - coming to Waco, TX

Stay tuned for more information about the KSA National Gathering 2018 in Waco, TX